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Our Services

List Of Our Services

Private Trust

A Trust portfolio created for the benefit of one or more ascertainable beneficiaries, and not for the promotion of the welfare of the general public or for the advancement of a cause. It is also contains the instructions given to the trustee to distribute the particular assets forming part of the trust to the chosen beneficiaries.


In addition, the trust can be one that is revocable or irrevocable and the right of the beneficiaries to the assets in the trust can be fixed or discretionary depending on each portfolio.

Corporate Trust

A corporate trustee’s role is to act independently in the interest of the trust. It carries out its duties according to the provisions of the trust instruments and the relevant Acts and Guidelines. Trust companies may also perform corporate trust services. Corporate trust services are services which assist, in the fiduciary capacity, in the administration of the corporation’s debt.


Interest Scheme

Interest Scheme is governed under Section 84 of the Companies Act 1965 and it involves the promotion of a particular scheme to the public who shall be the investors by contributing financially in exchange for an interest in the scheme. Investors do not have day-to-day control over the operations of the scheme. The operator of an interest scheme is required to comply with the provisions of the Companies Act 1965.


Generally, the role of the Trustee is to protect the interest of the public who invests in any approved interest scheme.


The interest schemes within Section 84 are divided into:

  • more than 12 months golf club membership, recreational clubs and fitness clubs
  • time-sharing scheme
  • share-farming scheme or grower’s plot scheme
  • offer to invest in breeding of livestock for commercial purpose
  • memorial parks – land banking scheme – property plots scheme

Estate Administration & Execution

To act as an executor or personal representative in a last will and testament. Service offered includes allowing clients to structure their affairs so as to minimise inheritance taxes and probate costs. Also, we may provide guardian and conservator services, acting as guardian of a minor’s property until adulthood or as conservator of the estate of an adult unable to handle his or her own finances.

Wills Writing

Will is a legal document that takes effect upon death of the maker of the will (called the testator) and it contains his last wishes to distribute all his wealth to the chosen beneficiaries. During the lifetime of the testator he may revoke the will in totality or amend the will to reflect his last and final instructions.


In addition, the will should include the following:

  • Appointment of the executor(s) to carry out the instructions in a timely and professional manner;
  • Appointment of the guardian to provide care for the minor children of the testator;
  • Substitute beneficiaries in the residue of the estate and/or for each particular itemised gift.

Family Trust

Where the family trust is a testamentary trust, it is common for the settlor to leave a letter of wishes for the trustees to guide them as to the settlor’s wishes in the exercise of their discretion. Letters of wishes are not legally binding documents.

Education Trust

An educational trust specifies that trust funds are to be used for education. It can also refer to a trust to support someone’s education

Retirement Scheme

A defined benefit pension scheme is one where the amount paid is based on how many years a person worked for a employer and the salary earned. Upon retirement age of a person, the funds will be released in accordance with the terms stipulated under the deed.


Special Purpose Vehicle Management/Share Trustee

To hold the entire legal and beneficial ownership of the shares of the SPV under a trust for identified beneficiaries.

Charitable Trust

Charitable trust-A charitable trust is an irrevocable trust established for charitable purposes, and is a more specific term than “charitable organization”.

Stakeholder & Escrow services

An escrow service is an arrangement made between the trustee acting as the escrow agent and the primary contracting parties, for the trustee to hold and disburse money or documents or source code or other items at the appropriate time. Upon fulfilment of the conditions stated in the arrangement by either both or one of the primary contracting parties, the trustee shall hand over of the documents or items or disburse the money to the rightful party(ies) after receiving the appropriate written instructions. The escrow agent has the duty to properly account for the escrow money and ensure that usage of money is explicitly for the purpose intended.

Society Trust

Monitor and ensure all accounts and regulations are in accordance under the Society Act 1966.


Custodian Service

Wealth Administration

Insurance Trust

Paying Agent Trustee

Trust for Specific Purpose