About the Company - Global Asset Trustee
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work

Company History

Global Asset Trustee, established in the year 1997, is an independent trustee company with a paid up capital of RM500,000 and was established by professionals in the law, banking and in trustee services. We are a Malaysian licensed trustee company under Section 4 of the Trust Company Act, 1949.


Our trustee team has decades of trustee services administration experience with one of the earliest foreign bank owned and managed trustee companies in Malaysia. We have built and maintain strong relationships with clients over the long term. Our team offers highly efficient and a personalized level of support and administration for the needs of corporate institutions and individuals.


Our Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Liew Kok Wah who has over 3 decades of experiences in the trustee services industry. He served as CEO of Universal Trustee (M) Berhad and was earlier the Head of Standard Chartered Bank Trustee (M) Berhad.


Global Asset Trustee’s independence and sole focus on delivering quality trustee services ensures our dedication to fiduciary duties for our clients. We serve our clients without any conflict of interest and in compliance with the requirements under Malaysia law and the relevant regulatory authorities. Being a specialized trust company in various trust portfolios, Global Asset Trustee is ready to be one of the leading trust company in Malaysia and we are confident to deliver to you with our excellent trust services.


Global Asset Trustee (M) Berhad currently has in its portfolio several private trust clients and clubs schemes with an asset valuation of about RM 1.5 Billion.

Director / Corporate Management


Chief Executive Officer / Director Chairman

He is responsible for the overall management of the company. Prior to his involvement in Global Assets Trustee (M) Berhad, he was the Chief Executive Officer Cum Company Secretary of Universal Trustee (M) Berhad (“UTMB”) till October 2014. He was appointed as a Consultant of UTMB from November 2014 till January 2015. He is also a fellow member of CIMA, England, a registered Accountant of the MIA and a member of the British Institute of management, England. He started his career as an Assistant Accountant with McAlister & Co Ltd from 1971 to 1974 and upon the completion of the CIMA examination in 1978, he was appointed as the Senior Management Accountant / Lecturer in the London School of Accountancy, England, till October 1982. Upon his return to Malaysia he was the Group Finance and Administration Manager with the Harpers group till June 1983, before joining Faber Merlin Berhad as the Group Management Accountant from 1986 till June 1988, and was also the Director of Studies in the Goon Professional Centre Sdn. Bhd. He was involved in the trust industry since 1988 and has experience of more than 26 years in any trust matters.


Chief Operating Officer / Director

He is the Chief Operating Officer and one of the Directors of Global Asset Trustee (M) Berhad. His responsibility is to set the company’s mission, goals, direction, and to ensure the company’s operation are closely aligned with the company’s goals and missions. He is also responsible for the company’s marketing and development aspects and designing the company’s long-term strategy. Before joining Global Asset Trustee (M) Berhad, he was the Senior Agency Manager and Top Management of Hong Leong Assurance Bhd., where he gained more than 20 years of experience in the financial planning and life insurance industry in Malaysia. He is mainly dedicated to providing effective training, financial planning education, managing two acting Managers and four department Unit Manager and teams, with a total of 500 financial advisors. Besides that, Mr. Andi Lim is currently the President of the Malaysian Financial Planning & Advisor Institute. His main functional areas include financial planning & advisor as well as well-trained professionals to provide leading financial planning and consulting services.


Finance Manager / Director

He is the Finance Manager and one of the Directors of Global Asset Trustee (M) Berhad. He is responsible for monitoring the company account and the day to day of the company finance transaction. Graduated from Imperial College of London with a BSc in Mathematics, he started his career with Messrs Ernst & Young under the department Transaction Advisory Services – Restructuring. His experience includes a few major companies in Malaysia which undergo receivership and liquidation, sale of assets, distribution to the creditors, review and restructure companies that are in distress position. After 7 years working in the accounting firm, he left as a Manager and currently works with Global Asset Trustee (M) Berhad since 2015.


Head of Legal/Operations

He holds a law degree from University of Northumbria, Newcastle, UK. Prior to joining Global Assets Trustee (M) Berhad he practised civil litigation and provided advisory services to clients in respect of legal issues and prevailing guidelines and policies in systems and corporate exercises such as private debt securities, collective investment schemes, payment systems and corporate & bond restructuring , trust structures, SPV schemes and project financing. He also has approximately 10 years’ experience in the legal banking and advisory industry with HSBC and RHB Bank together with the vast experience in the trust industry. Before joining Global Asset Trustee (M) Berhad he was in a pioneer trust company and was in charge of the legal and compliance affairs and the management of the private Debt Securities (conventional and Islamic), estates, clubs, timeshares and interest schemes under the pioneer trusteeship. He joined Global Assets Trustee (M) Berhad is in June 2015 and is in charge of the overall operations of Global Asset Trustee and responsible of giving proper legal framework in making appropriate decision so that the company policy does not come into conflict in future businesses.